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Reader Reviews

Do you have something to say about the Scott O'Dell book you just read? 

Then fill out our online form and submit your personal, unique review today!

Reviews will be read by Scott O'Dell's widow, Elizabeth Hall, along with a committee to determine which reviews (on a monthly basis) are the best. Those reviews will be selected by the committee who will then post the best of the best on the Scott O'Dell Facebook Fan Page and on the Scott O'Dell website.

Teachers, this is a great classroom project, and we encourage you to work in groups to submit your reviews. Good luck!

DECEMBER 2012 READER REVIEW WINNER Congratulations goes out to Rhiannon Kajdasz for her "Reader Review" of Scott O'Dell's novel, Sarah Bishop. The Review appears below. SARAH BISHOP We are doing a book study on it and I love it! I like how Sarah faced many challenge and it hooked me in to read more. I still think it is sad because her family died and that made her a orphan. How her father was cruelly tar and feathered and her brother from being in the prison. I liked how Sarah was so bold and taking chances. How she lived in the wilderness with animals and catching your own food. I would never be able to do that. How Sarah runs for her life, tries to make a living, alone and with no one to guide her. That book was so interesting, eclectically with its time during the Revolutionary War. I enjoyed reading this book!;)
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